2019 Raymond is continuing his thirteenth year serving the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville, eleventh year with American Sportbike Racing Association (ASRA) road racing motorcycles, ninth year serving American Flat Track motorcycles, and seventh year serving in MotoAmerica. He has been associated with Motor Racing Outreach Association(MROA) since 2006 and Chaplains Colective(CC) since 2018 and has been traveling with multiple national tour series since 2008.

Pre-race prayer with Brandon Paasch

Each year Raymond encourages those he meets to begin or deepen their relationship with God and find thefinish on track and in life! He does this through building genuine relationships before presenting a gospel message. Trackside, he provides chapel services, bible study, prayer and encouragement. Trauma response, hospital visitation, home visits, spiritual council, among others, are all part of the ministry provided by him.